Are You Experiencing Suspension Issues?

You've heard of experiencing issues with your car suspensions, but how easy is it to detect them and diagnose the issues?

According to Vehicle Dynamics, a car suspension is the system of tires, tire air, springs, shock absorbers and linkages that connects a vehicle to its wheels and allows relative motion bewteen the two. In the life of a vehicle, you will notice that the parts that compose this system ofter wear out because of the constant use, reason why it is important to determine when to take action. We want to share with you a few ways to identify these issues so you don't overlook them while driving.

The first thing to keep in mind is to always schedule your car check-ups to an ensure that the vehicle you are driving is in optimal stage.  A simple check-up will help prolong the lifetime of your suspension system by checking for any loose nuts and bolts.

  • Being pulled to a side

This might not be a very noticeable from the beginning but you will eventually be able to notice that when driving, the alignment of the car is off. This means you are having issues with different components like your wheels (wheel alignment, pressure or unevenness)  or sticking break caliper. This can be often caused due to driving fast and hitting a pothole or a curb which may have caused a broken spring or arm.

The solution for this can be very different depending on the cause. Sometimes it will be as easy as just adjusting the pressure and air of the tires, and others it will require a full replacement of parts. 

  • All the sudded all rides are rough

An issue with your suspension system can be identified if you notice your car rides are not as smooth as they used to. This rough driving could be a result of a much needed replacement of the shocks or struts which often get worn out after driving in very rocky areas or lack of care. A simple test to evaluate if this is the case is to push your front side of the car with your body to see if the car bounces more than three times. If it does, then the issue is very likely to be with your suspension system.

  • Wandering wheels

While driving, you can also experience that your wheels are becoming wobbly or that they often wiggle. Do not wait too long to bring your car to us! This could be a result of different pressure in wheels or it could also result in a replacement of the steering components. 

  • One side of the car is low

If looking at your car you are able to notice a missmatch in the level of the car, for example one side being lower than the other, then this could be also related to the car suspension. The relationship between the shock and the spring is the main contributor to this problem. A blown shock doesn't have a direct impact on height, but it will make a car react poorly in bad road conditions. Don't wait until your car is being dragged out of the streets to go and inspect these changes in height. 

  • Issues when steering

If you find it difficult to steer the car, resulting in a slipping type of motion, hard to steer or even vibration, then this could also be a result of issues with suspension. We can identify also different issues like low power steering fluid, loose or worn power steering belt, bad power steering pump.

Keep in mind that these are just some of the possible ways to diagnose problems you could be experiencing with your suspension system. The best way to ensure the problem has been identified is to take your vehicle to our experts. Visit our location at 247 Tiffin Street Barrie, Ontario, or call us at 705-737-1988