Driving At Night

Whether you are an experienced driver or just starting to get comfortable behind the wheel, it is important to be careful when driving at night, even if you have perfect vision. 

Many of the worst accidents happen at night and not always because of drunk driving, although that's the most common reason. It is important to stay safe and alert to be able to respond quickly to any danger at the road.

We also wanted to share a few things to keep in mind when preparing to drive at night:

  • Ensure your lights work before getting on the road

This alone could prevent an accident from happening. Not having working lights or not turning your lights on at night is extremely dangerous. Most recent cards automatically turn them on but it's worth noting for older models.

  • Don't look at lights directly

At night, it's easy to get distracted specially if other drivers have their high lights on. Make sure to place your eyesight on the road instead of the lights of other cars so you are not blinded by them. When driving for the first time at night, this might be difficult but it is important to train your eyes for this. 

You could also face this problem with drivers behind you using their highlights. You can quickly fix this glare by changing your rearview mirror.

  • Keep your windshield clean

We have talked about the importance of this in other articles but we want to reinforce it again. By keeping your windshields clean, you will be able to avoid unwanted glares due to dirt. 

Full visibility is very important when driving at night and not having a full view can definitely hurt your ability to make quick decisions. 

  • Watch out for bikes and animals

Depending on where you are located, you could run into people riding bicycles without any lights at night and in worst cases animals can also run into you while driving.

Animals running to the middle of the road at night could result in a harmful situation not only for the animal but for the driver as well. Try to drive in a speed that will allow you to still stop the car at any point at night to avoid these accidents.

If you have any issues at any point, keep our phone in handy, we'd love to help you out!

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