How To Protect Your Car From Hail Storms

Although we are not in that time of the year yet, we know hail storms are not completely out of the picture this year. If anything, we recommend getting prepared to ensure your car is protected. 

In order to do so, we have prepared a few tips to share with you that we hope will be helpful:

Protect Your Car

No matter if it's winter or summer time, we recommend always taking care of your car by parking it under covered and secure areas. Even during summertime, the exposure to the sun and high temperatures can have a negative impact on the different parts of your car. 

This also happens during winter time, specially with hail, it's best to keep your car safely parked or saved if not in use. 

Keep in mind that not protecting your car during a hail storm will make your care prone to hail dents. It's cheaper to pay for a parking space somewhere than probably paying for repairing the dents.

Finding Ways to Cover Your Car

If you find yourself without luck and cannot find a place to safely place your car under the storm, we recommend planning to get something at all to cover the car. An option could be to use some sort of heavy fabric that will serve as cushion when the hail impacts your car. There are several covers in the market that serve this purpose or you can place some heavy blankets on your car ensuring you pin them properly to the car.

Please know that even though these covers help a lot when you are lacking a place to park you car under, this does not guarantee that your car will come out of it without a dent but it will definitely help the situation.

Fixing Dents

The main damage that a hail storm will perform in your car are dents and depending on how strong the hail storm, sometimes even glass replacement. It is important to be aware of your insurance converage for these natural disasters or damages to your vehicle so you are aware on the cost of these repairs. Sometimes you have to take into consideration the deductible you have to pay so keep this in mind as you face this issue.

We recommend getting several quotes for the dents, the price will vary depending on how deep and various dents your vehicle has. Here at Zenetec, we guarantee results with primer top of the line work specially when repairing dents. Our goal is to give your car back as if the hail storm never occured.

For more information on how to get your car fixed or price consultations, don't hesitate to give us a call and book your appointment with us!