Needing help taking care of your car this summer? 

Summer days are days to experience new adventures, visit places and overall have fun out and about. This means a lot of traveling will be involved, hence a lot of use of your car. We wanted to share these helpful tips to remind you of the different parts of your car that will need your attention. 



  • Check your engine belts! You might not pay attention to these belts that run from the alternator to other components. If you will be using your car more than normal and specially if making long trips, it would be wise to check if there's need to change these. 
  • Check your wipers. We have talked about these in the past so you know how important is to take good care of them since they tend to be somewhat delicate. Even during summers, there is chance for rain so make sure you have checked the status of these items as well.
  • Outside is hot, keep inside cool. Make sure your car does not overheat for not having enough coolant fluid, it will be wise for you to check the hoses to see if there are any leaks as well. 
  • Check your tires. Just like during winter, the driving in the heat can also affect your tires if they don't have the right amount of pressure. Make sure that these don't have any cracks or uneven wear that could affect your driving.
  • Bring a cover with you. The ultraviolet rays can affect the inside of your car when the temperatures rise so much. Make sure to bring a cover with you to keep the temperature down specially if your car's paint is dark.
  • Bring water at all times. Nothing related to your car but important to keep in mind as a driver and for your passengers. Make sure you are hydrated at all times as this will affect your energy while on the road. 

Hope you are enjoying this time and having a lot of fun! If you need anything, don't hesitate to call us!