Top Things To Check After An Accident

In previous blogs we have talked about what to do when getting in a car accident, and even ways to prevent this from happening. But what happens after you got in the accident and even fixing your car? We recommend to pay close attention to your car, specially if this was the first time your car went through a major repair and more importantly if you don't know who you are trusting your car to. 


Here are the top 5 things to keep in mind after a car accident.



After the accident, there will be cases where the engine light will come on several times. It is important for you not to disregard this light even if you just got your car from the shop. Sometimes the car will need to be checked several times before everything goes back to normal and its best to make sure you are taking all the necessary measurements to ensure your car does not have a problem. 


If you see your car leaking, make sure to take it to be checked right away. These leaks can happen for various reasons but it's best to ensure that the car is well taken care of and repaired right away. 


After an accident, you might think you got lucky because the car did not present any external damage allowing you to drive home after the crash. Nevertheless, we recommend you still checking your car for any hidden issues, one of them for example your battery.  Your battery could present a damage shortly after the accident, and normally with these sort of things it is always at the worst possible time. 


After an accident, normally there will be something that you did not know was out of place producing a noise. Even after a car is checked a noise may appear. Please take your car for a revision right away when hearing a sound. It may be nothing, or it could be something pretty serious so it's always best to check.


One of the main things we check here at Zenetec after a collision is the frame of the car. We look for any bents that might go unseen initially or at mere sight but could present issues when driving after a while, for example to the tires. Even the direction of the tires could change slightly creating issues eventually for the car and present danger to the passengers.

Remember that by calling Zenetec at the time of your accident, we will be able to help you and guide you through everything plus ensuring that your car is checked thoroughly ensuring your safety and wellness of your vehicle.