Types of Car Body Damage And How To Repair Them

Car body damages are inevitable. Even though, careful driving can help minimize the times a damage occur and extent of damage, you can not completely protect your car from any damage. Even when the car is safely parked, someone could accidentally hit your bumper or fender. Also, on the road, flying stones can dent your body, no matter how fast or slow you drive.

The good news is that all body damage can be repaired. Even more exciting is the fact that by using technology the repairs can now be done in minutes rather than hours or days. Nevertheless, the goal is to stay as safe as possible, right? You should not worry about small dents on your custom door, as these can be repaired quite quickly.

Common car body injuries and ways on how they can be repaired

There are four most common types of body damage you may encounter and here's how a car body damage professional can help you fix them:

  • Damages related to weather conditions

Vehicles spend more than half of the day outdoors. Most of the time, they are in the parking lots and in front of your house, exposed to all kinds of meteorological elements; snowy winter, hot summer, rain, and storms. Over time, these weather condition can wash the vehicle's paint and even cause rusting of the body. Car repair collision damage experts can repair this by repainting and sanding the damaged areas. If the rust is really bad, you could cut out the rusted part and replace it with a new piece of metal.

  • Paint scratches

A lot of people experience a hard time parking. Parking is where most of these paint scratches occur. You know the drill... you park your car in the right position and go fetching for some groceries. When you come back, there is a scratch on the side of your car! You might not even see the person at fault. Scratches can also be caused by negligence at home and on the road, especially when loading large, pointed objects. Depending on the size of the scratch, car damage technicians may use different techniques to repair it. For small scratches, the friction may just be enough. For large scratches, they can use body fillers and computer-matched paint to clear the scratch.

  • Dents

Dents are often caused by flying objects such as small pieces of stone hitting your vehicle as you drive. Sometimes it can be a piece of rock of reasonable size that can leave a massive dent in the car body.

There are many ways to treat these dents. For example, if the painting has not been touched, car repair collision damage expert can use what is called paint removal, which is very fast. For more significant dents, you can drill a small hole near the bump and insert a unique tool into this hole, then use the tool to pull the bump upward before filling the hole.

  • Collision damage

Finally, if you have been involved in an accident, chances are you will escape with at least some dents. If you're not so lucky, you will end up with a completely damaged car body and bends everywhere. A folded frame is very dangerous because it affects the structural integrity of the vehicle. Experienced technicians can use computer-assisted machines to return the body to the desired position and help lift the bumps and repaint the car as needed.

Ways to avoid car body damage

In today's economy, it's important to take good care of our engine and car in general! Car body damages could be expensive and can take some time to repair depending on the damage. So, it's important for us to understand how to avoid damage, which will end up saving us time and money. There are many ways to prevent damage to your vehicles. Some of these are:

Cleaning and waxing

One of the easiest ways to avoid damage is to clean and wax your car. Waxing your car protects the car's paint, and the paint protects the steel parts of your vehicle. Without a good coat of paint, your vehicle could rust and become weak in these areas. Also, the paint may oxidize if you do not use wax and this gives the paint a dull appearance.

Drive safely

Take greater care while driving to avoid running into objects. Be certain to use your mirrors and also take a look at your blind spot before merging or pulling into traffic. That is a key contributor to car body harm. If another car is suddenly stopped, you will all of a sudden hit it accidentally and you might lead to a body damage. Choose carefully where you park your vehicle It may sound a little crazy, but it'll help save your car's body from damage. Most of car body damage occurs in parking lots. Additionally, avoid parking close to a cart go back area.


Unfortunately, no car is resistant to injuries. The moment you pull out of the driveway, recognize that whatever can happen to your car frame.

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