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  • Posted: 26 Oct 2016

    It is fair to start this blog post with a recommendation:
    Make sure to schedule your maintenance jobs so you avoid any issues with the performance of your car.

    That said, we have had many cases where our customers were too busy to attend their scheduled maintenance appointment and... more

  • Posted: 22 Aug 2016

    The Car Detailing Service that Zenetec offers is top of the line. We are not only focused on making sure that you get the most out of your buck, but also that you feel so satisfied with our service that you book your next appointment right there.

    If you have not yet experienced our Car... more

  • Posted: 08 Aug 2016

    We all love that new car smell and the experience of driving in a brand new car so much we wished it would stay that clean forever. But if you have a family, you know that keeping your car that clean for a period longer than 2 weeks (if so) is a dream that will probably not come true.

    ... more

  • Posted: 14 Jul 2016

    Zenetec is committed to provide the best quality products and service. This mission becomes a reality as we provide our paint protection film service to our clients. Our film protection of choice: 3M Scotchgard Film.

    Buying a car is not a decision easily made, and for many it is a big... more

  • Posted: 27 Jun 2016

    Having a wreck can be just as stressful as picking the right shop to repair the damage. Pricing variates from one place to the other, so how can you pick the best and most affordable place to repair your car? Check these 5 tips:

    1.    Reputation

    There is no better reputation than... more

  • Posted: 06 Jun 2016

    Windshield damage could happen to anyone at the most unexpected times! So what are the steps to determine what actions to take? Should it be repaired or replaced completely?
    As we talked about in our previous blog, windshields are now designed to resist more than regular glass and to crack... more

  • Posted: 20 May 2016

    As you probably already know: Not all repair centers were created equally. Here at Zenetec, we have the certifications that will not only meet your standards but, the standards of Toyota themselves.

    Toyota is a company that is known for setting the world standards for quality, never being... more

  • Posted: 26 Apr 2016

    Ordinary window glass was the type of glass used in the early cars. This glass was easily broken and very harmful for the passengers when in an accident.

    After many car crashes and lawsuits, this type of glass was replaced with windshields made of toughened glass that when in an accident... more

  • Posted: 18 Apr 2016

    We are all joyously celebrating the fact that Spring is just around the corner. It's that time of year for new beginnings, cleaning around the house and organizing. We are right there with you! Zenetec is here to save the day when it comes to the salt, dirt and grim that has been building up in... more

  • Posted: 08 Mar 2016

    Ever thought about tinting your vehicles windows to make it look cool? Well there are a lot more benefits to tinting then what meets the eye.

    Tinting definitely adds a nice affect to the look of your car but there are five reasons that you might not of considered that makes tinting your... more