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  • Posted: 12 Feb 2016

    Have you been looking for new ways to give your business exposure? A vehicle wrap is such a great way to reach a large amount of people daily just by driving around or parking in different locations.

    Wrapping your vehicle in our heavy duty vinyl will last about 3-5 years and will also... more

  • Posted: 04 Feb 2016

    Cold weather can have a big affect on you car. But luckily your friends at Zenetec got you covered. If you follow our top 5 things to do to winterize your car you could increase the longevity of your vehicle.

    1.You don't need to let your car warm up before driving it! Its a common... more

  • Posted: 19 Jan 2016

    Who says your New Year's resolution has to be about loosing weight, getting a new job or taking more vacations. A new car might be something you may want to add to your list of resolutions! Did you know that January is the best time to buy a new car? Why you ask? Well your chances of getting a... more

  • Posted: 06 Jan 2016

    With our unpredictable Canadian winters, you never know just how much snow, freezing rain, or sleet we will get. We recommend always checking the weather and road conditions before venturing off. If there is bad weather on its way, taking the appropriate precautions can save you money.

    ... more

  • Posted: 16 Dec 2015

    We are family owned and operated and take pride in everything we do. We also love to support the community and local events.  We also have awesome staff that is dedicated to providing superior customer service and ensuring that your car is in outstanding shape when it leaves us! If you have had... more

  • Posted: 23 Nov 2015

    Winter is Coming…..

    Whether we like it or not, winter is on its way! Is your car ready for the upcoming season? Surprise blizzards, black ice, freezing rain and a 2 foot snow storm can get you a seat in the annual summer tire meeting on the side of the highway. Now is the time to get your... more

  • Posted: 15 Oct 2015

    Picture This:

    You’re driving down the highway and all of a sudden a stone comes flying out of no where and hits the hood of your car. The horrifying sound echoes through the car and all you can think of is “how much damage did that just cause?”

    You reach your destination, get out... more